Singapore Red Cross

The Singapore Red Cross is a homegrown humanitarian organisation, dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting lives and dignity and responding to emergencies. We serve the vulnerable through our blood donor recruitment programme, home and day activity centre for the disabled, elder aid, health aid, transport aid, family life aid, and community first aid, and we build capacity and resilience through our training academy, and volunteer and youth development. Beyond our shores, we mobilise and translate contributions from the donor community to relief and recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts, with the aim of helping communities affected by disasters.

Our booth will showcase past COVID response, the happenings at our SRC Humanitarian Conference, as well as provide information on our local services, such as the Red Cross Junior and youth programmes.

- Singapore Red Cross Website: Redcross.sg
- Red Cross Youth Website: Red Cross Youth


Wateroam’s mission is to eradicate global thirst by developing highly portable and easy-to-use water filtration systems that provide communities in rural regions and disaster-hit sites with rapid access to clean, affordable drinking water. Our vision is to build a world without prolonged thirst.

Our booth will showcase the ROAMFilter Plus – an optimal water filtration solution for emergency response and remote deployment.

- www.wateroam.com 


The SCDF showcase will feature two key projects – namely the ROVER-X and the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

The ROVER-X is a tech-push project with HTX, and co-developed with KLASS Engineering and Ghost Robotics (USA). The robotic platform is extremely agile, and able to traverse across uneven and rugged terrain. With its specialized manoeuvrability – the ROVER-X is built for versatile deployment as it can crouch into tunnels, climb up and down stairs, and step over low-lying pipes and charged hoses. The payloads on the platform include cameras, LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), and 4-Gas Detector.

SCDF also taps on the functionality of UAVs to improve sensemaking through 3D-mapping of an area of operations. 3D-mapping provides enhanced situational awareness and allows for a quick initial assessment/triaging prior to actual assessment on the ground during a disaster. It also facilitates the sharing of visual information at the command post and supports coordination between different rescue teams. 

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